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Being a Trainee on the GPSTS

  • It's a much more supportive environment to work in. The scheme looks after not only the trainees education but there is also "fun along the way".
  • It's great to have other trainees from other specialties to bounce ideas off. There is good mix of people with different experience.
  • "I have found that this scheme offers a very thorough and graduated introduction to General Practice"
  • "The team building workshops were really great and the highlight for me was learning to juggle!"

These are just some of the comments from current GP registrars. But working in GP land can be a little confusing after hospital - you are employed by an individual practice rather than by the hospital. So have a look at some of the links on the rght which should help to guide you.

Medical information is provided for educational purposes only and NOT intended as medical advice for patients.

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