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Less than Full Time Training

General Practice Specialty Training (GPST) at three years (full time equivalent) is shorter than any other specialty training programme. It is therefore important that the focus of the time in training should be on covering the breadth of the General Practice curriculum rather than restricting prolonged periods of study to narrow fields of special or personal interest. There is plenty of scope for General Practitioners to pursue an area of special interest after they have been awarded a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Unlike other specialties, GMC requires General Practice Specialty Training Registrars (GP StRs) to complete their training within a seven year window in order to apply for a CCT. The seven year window is not extended for those training on a Less Than Full Time Training (LTFTT) basis. This can cause problems obtaining a CCT if individuals need to take prolonged or repeated career breaks for family or health reasons.

Whilst we are an organisation flexible and responsive to your needs, please bear this in mind.

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