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It is an essential element of GP training to take part in Out of Hours care.

You must be signed up as competent in Out of Hours care to obtain your CCT.

Useful links to explain about the OOH training can be found at the Yorkshire Deanery OOH Training page and the RCGP OOH.

The requirements for how much training is required are laid down centrally and interpreted by each Deanery and Training Scheme, dependent on local circumstances.

“The number of sessions worked by a GP StR to acquire the necessary competencies will vary according to the number of patients covered but, in an urban setting, is likely to require a indicative benchmark of a four to six hour session every four weeks adjusted in other settings on a pro rata basis. There are variations in the population numbers and patient demographics served by any one OOH organisation, therefore each GP Trainer and each Postgraduate Deanery should, focussing on the learning needs and acquisition of the required competencies, assess the provision of experience for each individual GP StR. “ from the original COGPED 2007 paper.

Yorkshire being diverse in geography has different problems about on-call in different areas. There are a number of organisations involved in the delivery of OOH and unscheduled care services, including GP co-operatives, commercial services, NHS Direct, NHS 24, nurse triage, urgent care centres, minor injury centres, primary care walk-in centres (eg Darzi centres), GPs embedded within A&E departments and some remaining individual practices and practitioners. The model of service provided is of necessity varied; this also means that one model as an answer does not fit all.

Please click HERE for local requirements at Airedale.

Medical information is provided for educational purposes only and NOT intended as medical advice for patients.

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