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Study Leave

You are allowed up to 30 days study leave per year but these have to be agreed in good time with your trainer/educational supervisor.

The following will normally be part of the allowance.

  • Attendance at courses to assist with preparation for examinations, e.g. acquisition of the necessary ‘theoretical knowledge base’.
  •  To take agreed professional and academic examinations.  Usually, only two attempts are permitted.  Travel expenses may be funded from the study leave budget but not for overseas examinations or diplomas.
  • Attendance at courses or other appropriate activities to acquire specialised skills not easily acquired in the clinical setting.
  • Attendance at courses to acquire specialised knowledge associated with clinical training.
  • Attendance at Deanery Day / Half-Day Release courses is counted as part of the entitlement.
  •  Paid leave for private study prior to examinations or to write up research.  This should usually be no more than one week and should only be granted within the exigencies of the service.  Private study leave should serve a very specific defined purpose.  Its aims and objectives should be discussed and agreed between the trainee and his/her trainer well before the planned dates.

The following is not usually part of the allowance:

Bleep-free teaching time within the Trust in which the trainee is based and NHS initiatives such as Audit and Clinical Governance activities.

It is important that study leave is planned as otherwise you will discover that you have difficulty covering all of the courses that you need.  Your study leave plan should form part of a portfolio that you keep over your training programme.  The important thing is that you develop the skills of reflecting on educational needs and planning how you will fulfil them.

It is vital that you take part in Day / Half-day release (local educational activities organised by your Training Programme Directors).  If, for any reason, you feel you do not wish to attend the Day / Half-Day Release you should discuss this with your Training Programme Director.  On rare occasions this might be allowed but in these situations you would be expected to return to your training practice to provide services to patients.

  • All GP StRs are expected to attend the Day / Half-Day Release course.
  • Every GP StR should have a clear education plan covering the whole period of training. The education plan should also include periods of study leave for the appropriate purpose.  This will be developed with the help of your Educational Supervisor/trainer and must be agreed with them.

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